Turning it Around

Who would have ever thought in March that we would still be dealing with the effects of Covid 19 in October? Most of us thought we would wear our masks for a while and this would be over by the end of summer.

Here we are. It is October and most of us have lost most if not all of our triathlon racing season. Many of you may have become unmotivated, frustrated, angry, anxious, and many other emotions throughout the last six months. When things began to get cancelled, I felt the same way. I knew I would miss my tri-team's workouts tremendously when they announced no more group workouts. I knew I would miss rowing at the rowing studio with the friends that I had made. The camaraderie of suffering together to achieve a goal was gone. Yes, we had virtual classes and rented rowing machines from the studio, but it was not the same. No one could see your monitor and knew if you would slack like in the studio. I became anxious that I would lose all the speed and confidence I have gained over the last few years. My pool and open water swimming spot was closed. What would happen to my swim times? After a few weeks of feeling very anxious, I took a deep breath and thought about what I could control. I was still able to run and bike ride. I also decided that just because we were locked at home was not an excuse to eat junk and started working with a dietician to straighten out my daily and sports nutrition.

Both of these things helped me because even though there were no races, I was seeing results from the physical changes of my body from eating better, as well as seeing an increase in speed on my bike and run. I was feeling better too. Once results started happening, I took a deep breath and decided it's ok that this year was cancelled. Things happen and we need to stop this pandemic. I have been training hard and am looking forward to the next race season and hope for great results next season. I have most of the races on my calendar for next year that were on my calendar next year, plus I am hoping to do two 70.3 races.

These races will be my return to longer distance triathlons and hope the three years I have taken off from doing long distance will have proven to be a good idea. I am looking forward to next week, while I complete Triathlete's Hawaii from Home Challenge. https://www.triathlete.com/collection/hawaii-from-home/

I signed up for this race, because my ultimate goal is to qualify for Kona, and to keep motivated. We have Monday October 5th-Saturday October 11 to complete the challenge of doing 140.6 miles between the swim(2.4 miles), bike(112 miles), and run(26.2 miles). I am breaking the distance into four days. My goal for this blog is to post twice a week, but I will be posting Monday through Thursday next week about my progress. My swims will be in a pool at my tri-team's swim practices, and I will do everything else around those practices.

Just remember, we all lost our race season this year. The best thing we can do is return to racing, support the race directors, and make racing bigger and better next year. Hopefully, you will be a little faster too.

Contact me: swimbikeruntheplanet@gmail.com


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