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Training Adventures

We truly are our own worst critic. I am on a journey to attempting to complete my first Ironman. I have an amazing opportunity to race both 70.3 Mont Tremblant and Ironman Mont Tremblant, and train in Mont Tremblant in between.

I have been training since August of 2022, but have just now restarted my blog for the umpteenth time. I feel like I haven't lost weight fast enough, gotten faster in all three disciplines, and have been on an emotional rollercoaster. There are weeks where I think I've got this and other weeks I wonder what I got myself into.

There have been many adventures on my bike of exploring local trails.

Runs have been at dawn to some absolutely beautiful sunrises.

I have done open water and pool swims. I spent the first few months of training not sure if I was having fun. I would constantly talk down to myself for not going fast enough during workouts. My coach finally told me to quit focusing so hard on numbers on my watch and good things will happen. Most of all, this is supposed to be fun. I took what he said to heart. I started to enjoy the weather, the beauty of my surroundings and remembered why I do this. I truly enjoy it. I got into endurance sports to challenge myself and because many people never thought I could. I got into endurance sports for the little girl that got told she just wasn't an athlete. I got into it to enjoy the beauty of the world and appreciate nature, from beautiful scenery.

While things are not as perfect as I thought they would be by now, I am looking forward to racing and challenging myself, and sharing race reports and my adventures in Canada this summer.

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