Let's Talk Tri Part 3: Running

"Am I sure I didn't sign up for the aquabike?" I said to myself while coming to the dismount line of an olympic triathlon earlier this year.

Running....it's part of triathlons. I had done nowhere near enough of it during training. I knew I was definitely going to pay for that during the next 6.2 miles. I didn't have a very good race and walked alot.

It is definitely a mental thing for me. I had seen so many gains in the bike and swim that I didn't want to run because I knew the truth. I was really slow. I became more consistent with my running. It's still hard for me, but I know I will keep improving. Now I'm just slow, but one day I won't be.

So you want to run? Where do you start?

Most people get a brand new pair of shoes because having something new and shiny gets most people going at least for a bit.

Where do I get my shoes? You want to make a trip to your local running store. The people in a local running store have been more trained than people in a big box store. They will check your gait(how you run), and a few other things and begin recommending shoes for you. Don't get sticker shock, these shoes usually start at around $120 and continue to go up from there. Trust me, your feet and comfort are worth it. Are you going to want to run if every time you see your running shoes, you know your feet, knees, or ankles are going to hurt off every run? You aren't going to keep it up.

I'm a bigger person trying to get into running for weight loss? Does everybody in the store run a 6 minute mile?

Most running stores I have seen...no. I'm not going to say it can't happen, but people work in running stores because they love the sport and want to help other people get into it. You will have everyone from your high school or college cross country athlete to your retired runner that enjoys the atmosphere of races and runs at his or her own pace and everything in between. You will not be judged. Everyone started somewhere. If you don't feel comfortable, go somewhere else, even if it's a bit of a drive.

After you get those shoes, google a training plan that works for you and enjoy! I started with the couch to 5k training plan and slowly worked my way up from there.

Good Luck and hit the road!

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