Hawaii From Home Day 2 and Day 3

Swim practice was at noon. I was excited about this because I knew at the end of practice, I would have my swim portion completed of the Hawaii from Home challenge plus some extra yards.

I got up in the morning and headed to a local state park to ride. It was way later than I wanted it to be, but I very much believe in listening to my body if it wants to sleep. I rode my bike an easy 10 miles and then decided to run. Even though I live in Florida, I felt like I was getting cooked on my 6 mile run. I was still in a deficit from not running on day 1. I had made a goal of doing this in four days and I was going to make it. I made it back to my car and off to swim practice with my triathlon team.

Swim practice went well. I have just started to be able to complete 100 yards on a 2 minute interval and I was able to complete four of them today. Results showing I am getting faster always excite me in any of the disciplines of triathlon.

In the evening, I went out to complete another four miles of the run to make up for yesterday. Even at 6pm it was still hot and humid, I completed another four miles and called it a night. I was still in a deficit for the run, but day 3 was another day.

I woke up on Day 3 tired and sore. This was more running than I had done in a while. I am using run/walk intervals to complete the run, as my current runs are short. I am trying to be able to run without stopping. I haven't run this much in a week in a long time. I got myself moving and went out for 2.5 miles. Wow, it was already so hot. By the time I arrived home, it looked like I had jumped in a pool. I was soaked in sweat. I went in the house to avoid the hottest part of the day vowing to get out and run more in the evening. It started off as warm, but started to cool down as a storm started to form in the area. I arrived at a local park, and saw a text from my husband asking if I needed a pickup, because it was sprinkling at the house 3 miles away. I quickly pulled up the weather radar on my phone, and the radar said the storm w

as going around us and there was no lightning. I told him I was ok, refilled my water bottle and headed back home. By the time I got home, it was dark. No bike miles today. I was ending day 3 needing 74 miles on the bike and 7.38 miles on the run to complete my challenge in 4 days. I ate dinner and went to bed early knowing I had to get up early to finish this and still have some of my day left.

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