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My name is Jill. Growing up, I was never super athletic. I liked the outdoors but sports were not my strong point. I played a few sports but most coaches didn't want to give me the time of day because I was not naturally athletically gifted. I participated in elective P. E. classes in high school, and would go to the gym and work out on the elliptical.

During college and my first few years out of college, it was more of the same thing. I would go to the occasional group exercise class, or go listen to music on the cardio machines. Honestly, I found most of that boring. In 2009, I decided that I wanted to start running, and signed up for a 5k to train for. I used the Couch to 5k training plan to get ready. (https://www.active.com/mobile/couch-to-5k-app) Soon 5ks turned into 10ks, 10ks turned into half marathons, and half marathons turned into full marathons. I am proud to say I have completed eleven marathons, several half marathons, 10ks, and 5ks,

In 2012, I became interested in a triathlon. I grew up in Florida my whole life, I can swim. I know how to ride a bike, and I can run/walk. I knew I could complete a triathlon. In 2013, I towed the start line of my first triathlon. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing. I didn't. At the time, I wasn't even clipping in on my bike. I rode my bike in my running shoes, which at least made for a decent T2 time. I completed some sprint and olympic distance triathlons.

In 2017, I decided to race the Gulf Coast 70.3 Triathlon. I made 69.1 miles of it due to the swim being cancelled. I was fairly slow, and this woke me up to realizing I don't want to complete any more, I want to compete and be fast. I have completed races and know I can do it. I want to speed up and maybe eventually wind up on the podium.

In order to be competitive so I am focusing on increasing my speed, and focusing on nutrition to get some weight off. Believe it or not, even though I have done multiple races, I am not skinny. I love food, and am focused on making better decisions. Deserts and soda are my weaknesses and I am focused on limiting those in moderation. I am just live a healthier lifestyle. My goal is to follow a healthy lifestyle and focus on what goes into my body rather than counting calories or macros. In other words, good quality food.

For the last three years, I have stuck to sprint and olympic distance triathlons and have focused more on learning the sport. I have worked on my transition times, bringing my speed down in all three disciplines.

When training for my marathons, I adapted a run/walk method. One of my biggest goals is to take less walk breaks and run the whole time.

Throughout this time, I have worked in a running store, and a bike shop. I learned alot working at both of these locations and I look forward to sharing my knowledge from those experiences, and my racing and training experiences.

This blog will be about encouragement, races, the latest products, and any other subject in the triathlon world. I will also post about my weekly workouts, and diet. Believe me, there is a lot to learn even if you think you know it all. I still take any opportunity I can to go to local triathlon clinics and train with people far better than I am.

Encouragement: I want to see everyone and anyone get out there and try the sport. Don’t be scared there are all shapes and sizes out there. Triathlons even have and Athena and Clydesdale categories for women over 165 and men over 220. The best part is the friends you will make. Join a tri club or running club, and you will find a group of active people that are welcoming and will celebrate every milestone you accomplish. It is a great thing to see the finish line of any race and smile knowing you did it.

Races: I will talk about the races I do, as well as any local races I make it out to to spectate and cheer. I will discuss the course and conditions, and the best part, the expo if they have one.

Products: New products are always being introduced. I will keep you updated on the latest products from watches and computers to nutrition. There is a lot out there, and I will discuss what I train with and anything new I try or that comes out.

I look forward to sharing my adventures of training, racing, and any other things the sports bring this way. I will talk about anything newsworthy in the triathlon world, and running world. I also welcome suggestions to anything you would like to hear or know more about. Please feel free to leave comments, message me or make suggestions.

Contact us: Swimbikeruntheplanet@gmail.com


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